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How to Sell Diabetic Test Strips


You realize you have extra diabetic test strips that are not used for various reasons. One of the circumstances may be that you had already bought so many of them before you decided to change the brand that you were using to the current and as a result, you could be having quite a number of the old stock. The other reason could be that you were taking care of your loved ones who may have departed without finishing the stock and you are wondering what to do with the extra lot. One of the essential things to do is to make sure the unused kits are not going to go the waste bin. It is critical to making sure at least someone uses them whether you are going to donate to a charitable organization or you are going to convert them to some money. One of the questions you would like to be answered is whether it is legal to sell diabetic test strips. The fact is that these pieces can be bought over the counter without restrictions and therefore you can convert your remaining ones without a problem.


You can search for online buyers at http://www.quickcash4teststrips.com/faq/ who are conducting honest and legitimate businesses. One of the ways you can know you are dealing a reasonable buyer is to ask for the government permit number. The process of obtaining the government permit is rigorous with the security measures that are put in place by the government. The license indicates that the business has been investigated by the government and has passed all the tests. That means you can trust such companies to have a good reputation and to be ready to safeguard their name and business. You, therefore, be sure that you will be paid for whatever number of strips you ship or you deposit in their offices as long as they are within the one-year expiry date.


What you need is to make sure you agree with the company how you are going to receive your payment before you deliver your kits. You need to make sure that your boxes are intact and there is no sign of tampering with the seal if you have to get money for your strips. If you send boxes that have open seals, or if their expiry date is less than six months away, you may not be paid. You can either ask to be paid using PayPal or use the business check by priority mail, get Quick Cash 4 Test Strips here.